Lost DAWGS-Class of 1985

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If you are on this list we have no way of emailing you information. Please update by registering on the Citadel85.com website. If you have any of the missing classmates information, please email it to me at [email protected]. Thank You

here is the missing man email list so far.

please comment or pm me if you have any of these and contact them

1LT Curtiss A. Altman, USA (Curtiss) A COMPANY
Mr. Gregory L. Shelton (Gregory) A COMPANY
Mr. Randall W. Mountz (Randall) A COMPANY  FOUND
CPT Supot Sukuma, USA (Supot) B COMPANY
MAJ David C. Leslie, USA (David) B COMPANY
Mr. Hans K. A. Von Seebach (Hans) B COMPANY
Mr. Samuel C. Bethay (Samuel) B COMPANY
COL Daniel V. McFarland, USA (Daniel) BAND COMPANY
COL Matthew T. Higginbotham, USA (Matthew) C COMPANY
Capt. Raymond B. Giornelli, USMC (Raymond) D COMPANY
Mr. John S. Rowe (John) D COMPANY
Mr. Wayne S. Lidman (Wayne) D COMPANY  FOUND
LT John E. Larsen, USN (John) E COMPANY
Mr. Gordon Davis (Gordon) E COMPANY  DECEASED
SGT Jonathan S. Wragg, USAR (Jonathan) E COMPANY     FOUND
Mr. Brian M. Batson (Brian) F COMPANY                    FOUND
Mr. Douglas A. Church (Douglas) F COMPANY
Mr. Marco L. Pezzotti-Hawkins (Marco) F COMPANY
Mr. David S. Taylor (David) G COMPANY
Mr. Donald E. Alexander, Jr. (Donald) G COMPANY
Mr. Rocky W. Berger (Rocky) G COMPANY
2LT Thomas A. Perry, USA (Thomas) H COMPANY
CDR Darryl L. Barrickman, USN (Darryl) H COMPANY  FOUND
Lt Col Todd A. Williams, USAF (Todd) I COMPANY
Mr. Mark A. Black (Mark) I COMPANY
CPT John M. Cordle, USA (John) K COMPANY
CPT Ralph H. Oliver, III, USA (Ralph) K COMPANY
CPT Donald D. Ottilige, USA (Donald) M COMPANY   FOUND
Mr. Clyde E. Powers, Jr. (Eddie) M COMPANY
Capt. John D. Boone, USAF (John) N COMPANY   FOUND
Mr. Gary Craig   N COMPANY FOUND
Mr. Bruce Reidel (Bruce) N COMPANY
CPT William T. Baxter, USA, (Todd) O COMPANY       FOUND
LtCol Thomas W. Ward, USMC, (Wayne) O COMPANY    FOUND
Mr. John F. Buss, Jr., (John) O COMPANY
Mr. Walter D. Abbott, III (Walter) R COMPANY
2d Lt Neil K. Kirby, USAF, (Neil) T COMPANY
Mr. Daniel D. Powell, Jr., (Danny) T COMPANY    FOUND
Mr. Jesse Prioleau, (Jesse) K COMPANY
Mr. John C. Curtiss, (John)                                  FOUND
Mr. John A. Crawford, (John)
Mr. Peter Ian Smith, (Peter)
Mr. Regan Truesdale, (Regan)
Mr. Shawn Brown
Mr. Theodore Paul Jandly, (Ted) K COMPANY
Mr. Thomas Rogers (Tom)
Mr. Thomas T. Carr, IV, (Toby)
Mr. William D. Smith, (William)


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8 years ago

Steve Frazier contact info 843-538-8847 home; 843-893-8846 mobile; [email protected]

8 years ago

I have three old emails for William S. Meehan (Scott).

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Stu Archer
Stu Archer
8 years ago


8 years ago

I have an e-mail for Steve Serneels

[email protected]

Please send him a link

Max Hockenberry
Max Hockenberry
8 years ago

I believe Rob Nash’s email address is: [email protected]

Logan Gibbons
Logan Gibbons
4 years ago
John Reeves
2 years ago

John S Wragg – Found sir landline 904-794-7964. Cell 904-466-4399
Gordon Davis – Found Sir cell 614-949-5723

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